Energy & power industry

The energy industry is diverse and affects most aspects of modern life. We define the energy sector as the discovery of the resource to its useful output for industry and markets.

Oil & gas

In terms of Oil & Gas energy we work across distinct stages within the process:

  • Upstream activities
  • Midstream activities
  • Downstream activities
  • Support roles

Other energy roles

Power generation and renewable industries are aligned into our energy focused portfolio including PV / solar, wind, tidal, gas and conventional power through to nuclear and its distribution across grids.

Distribution expertise ranges from recruitment of specialists in high voltage distribution, conventional and renewable power right down to the household smart grid technology. At the smart grid level we have recruited many mid to high level development specialists and managers.

The complexity of nuclear power and our ultimate need to renew energy production across the globe drives our interests in this area.

Our consultants recruit across the complete spectrum; from the sales engineers, health & safety specialists through to engineers and technologists who design the methods by which the generated electricity is fed into the grid i.e. statcoms.