Transportation industry

At Johnston Vere, we consider rail, coach and transport infrastructure as key areas. We have worked with a number of widely known manufacturers, tiered suppliers, distributors and infrastructure owners both locally and internationally.

Developments within the transportation industry have been broad and focused on improving safety, efficiency and the customer experience; these have included free wifi, CCTV and mobile apps to manage bookings. Train and coach stations in particular, have led to improved and new facilities in towns and cities.

Our consultants are widely acknowledged to have recruited many of the key figures in the rail industry, particularly on the train operations and manufacturing side where we have specialised in bringing talent from outside of the rail sector.

We have recruited bid teams for several major franchise operators and also key operations staff in addition to business development, operations and delivery teams for projects won by major rail equipment manufacturers. We also work with several of the key consultancies who advise and deliver work packages to the rail infrastructure sector globally.

Across transport operators we have worked with clients to develop their ecommerce strategies to maximise the business potential from multimedia platforms including complete multi-media mix from the economics and revenue analysis, customer segmentation to online marketing strategists.