new & emerging markets

We are particularly interested in new and developing technologies. The changing needs of our clients means we have to keep an outward face to new technology and as such also maintain close ties with major innovation centres worldwide.

Big Data and Internet of Things are emerging technologies that are starting to impact the way our clients operate. By having a constantly forward outlook, we are well positioned to support their future needs.

Cyber security is a complex area which does not use standard encryption technology because of its nature at both the enterprise level and at a real time factory and process level. We have recruited Principal Technical Consultants, Solutions Architects, Pre-Sales Engineers and International Sales Managers across the USA, Europe and Middle East territories.

We work with major security consultancies, engineering houses and software vendors who are addressing the security threats posed to their critical national infrastructure (CNI). We also have experience in related areas e.g. crisis management, business continuity, cyber resilience etc

Often our clients are developing disruptive technologies such as autonomous vehicles, GTL process catalysis and advancements in materials development such as graphene and we are retained to find the key business leader to bring these to market.