Manufacturing & machinery

Johnston Vere is heavily involved in continuous, batch and discrete manufacturing methods from supplier through to manufacturer. Our sector expertise is diverse, from the simple pump manufacture through to large scale projects led by EPCs.

We are involved in a whole range of production areas which cover our daily lives including essentials including Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Medical Devices to transportation such as cars, trains, ships aeroplanes.  We also work closely with companies involved in heavy industrial manufacturing such as the production of energy, oil & gas, steel and other key utilities.

We maintain close ties with the complete pyramid of engineering companies who manufacture goods and the OEMs who produce the machinery that makes it happen.

The type of machinery used comprises a wide and varied selection and can be grouped into a number of categories, two major areas include:

Processing Equipment and Systems

Manipulating, handling and controlling air, liquid and solids are fundamental to manufacturing processes and examples of this include pumps, valves, pipework, filtration equipment, mixers, heating and cooling systems, size reduction equipment and a whole host of other key components that allow for safe, regulated and successful production processes.

Automated Production Equipment and Systems

Automated electro-mechanical systems allow for larger volumes of products to be made in a standardised manner, often in hazardous environments; these machines include automated robotic assembly systems incorporating conveyors, pick and place machinery and various other high-speed filling, weighing, detection and packaging equipment.

Further areas include working with licensed technology, and companies providing necessary safety and quality consultancy.

Manufacturing and Machinery is an area where our reach covers the globe. We have recruited entire sales and business development teams, applications experts and technology specialists needed to run an efficient, safe and dynamic production environment.