5 great reasons to hold work fundraisers

The Basics

In the main charities depend upon donations and fundraising events to generate their income.  Positivity is a two-way street and the generosity displayed by the general public and businesses really does have a positive impact on people’s lives (this is obvious). Oxfam, for instance, had a positive impact on the lives of 11.6 million people last year, this wouldn’t have been possible without donations!  So why not take advantage and get involved?

Here are 5 reasons to start fundraising;

1. Social Impacts

Work Fundraisers usually involve the whole workplace, which acts as a good social force bringing colleagues together.  A great example of the type of activity that has this effect is Macmillan’s coffee morning.  This is a really easy fundraiser to organise as packs can be ordered online free of charge.  Employees simply write on a chart what food they intend to make, and on the day donations will be given for each slice or portion of cake etc!  This is a great way of initiating some fun within the workplace, aiding with team building, and at the same time supporting a good cause.

2. Moral Boosting

Keeping your workforce motivated and happy is a real driving force to productive work and subsequently results.  Fundraisers can go a long way to boosting your staff’s moral as they offer every member an equal level of duty.  This can make employees feel good about themselves, allowing them to extend their skills from the usual tasks they would carry out.  The amount of money raised can also offer a sense of achievement creating positive moral throughout all staff!

3. Great PR

When fundraising events are publicised your company image can be improved (with the right type of PR), whilst simultaneously raising awareness for the charity or inspiring other companies to get involved.  This type of activity is regarded by some members of the public as being responsible and ethical whilst fulfilling a function that isn’t profit orientated.  Research has also provided compelling evidence to suggest that socially responsible companies attract a higher talent pool, the right type of PR therefore, could in fact act as a beacon to attract this talent!

4. Forming alliances

A great outcome from fundraising activities can be the bonds and alliances formed with charities of choice. Fundraisers can act as a first move to forming a relationship with a non-profit organisation.  Partnerships can go a long way to raising your company’s profile whilst generating income for both (it’s a win-win).  These alliances set the foundations for a corporate business embracing social responsibility.

5. Finding a diamond within your company

Organising fundraising events can offer the potential for junior employees to showcase their talents on a level playing field, these could be; organisational skills, leadership qualities and many more undiscovered traits, giving employees a chance to shine.  The skills demonstrated can be transferred into benefits for your company, opening your eyes to the potential in staff that you may have overlooked.  You could, in fact, discover a hidden treasure.

To conclude

The reasons above speak for themselves of why companies could benefit from  getting involved in fundraisers, opening doors for new opportunities and the chance to discover potential talent within your team – oh, and raise money for a worthy cause – after all that is the whole idea!  There are many charities to become involved with, why not try Macmillan’s coffee morning – as an easy starting point or let junior employees organise an activity.  No matter how you do it, a difference will be made!

Our Results;

At Johnston Vere our staff managed to raise £268.14, which took a huge effort from our team & partner company JVSA!  We managed to beat last years total and had a great time whilst doing so.