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Hinkley C – what’s really going on

Driving forces

The main driving force behind re-booting and re-vamping nuclear as a source of low-carbon energy is the Climate Change Act.  This did not happen overnight; in fact, it took 20 years of talks and debates to reach a final agreement in Paris; in the end close to 200 countries signed. The main target of the deal is to reach near zero carbon emissions by 2050 (80% reduction), subsequently diminishing climate change and the dangerous effects of this modern phenomenon.

The methods used to achieve this 80% reduction are set by each country; putting the onus on governments to decide on their solutions for carbon emissions.  Some have opted to invest heavily in new technologies that harvest natural resources such as; solar, wind, and tidal.  Others have looked to the past and for methods that don’t rely on the sun shining or the wind blowing, this being nuclear.